Beurnevesin - Switzerland

Creation: Atelier Bertrand Cattiaux

Disposition II/P 14 stops
I GO - II Pos 50n C,D-d5 Ped 30n
Montre 8' Soubasse 16'
Bourdon 8' Octave 8'
Octave 4' Sacqueboute 16'
Flûte à biberon 4'    
Quinte Flute 2 2/3'    
Superoctave 2'    
Tierce 1 3/5'    
Sifflet 1'    
Mixture III r    
Cornet V r    
Trompette 8'    
Vox Humana 8'    

Either-or stops

Manual Couplers: II/I
Pedal Couplers: I, II

Sound design: Bertrand Cattiaux
Case design: Laurent Anen
Voicing: Bertrand Cattiaux & Itaru Sekiguchi

The instrument is inspired from the flemish organs of the early 17th century

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