Eglise de Beurnevésin

Sculptures Michel Tilinac

Kaspar Vonbank

Rodolphe Chevalier

Beurnevesin - Switzerland
Orgue Beurnevésin design Laurent anen

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Sound design:
Bertrand Cattiaux / Itaru Sekiguchi

Voicing: Bertrand Cattiaux

Case design:
Laurent Anen

Technical drawing:
Helmuth Eckhardt,
Laurent Anen

Build by:
Virgile Bardin,
Rodolphe Chevalier,
Kaspar Vonbank
Laurent Anen,
Helmuth Eckhardt,
Laurent Massalve,

Christophe Tricoire,
Michel Tilinac,
Atelier Bretel

Vue on the keyboards at the back of the instrument
Working on the railing
Installation of the sculptures
Installing the bellows under the roof in an isolated box.
Installation of the case.
Preparing the Installation of the organ.
The crew from left to right:
Virgile Bardin, Laurent Anen and Rodolphe Chevalier as well as Helmuth Eckhardt
Church of Beurnevésin
Detail of the sculptures made by par Michel Tilinac.
Interiot of the organ with the basses of Bourdon 8' in the center between the cornet.
Case with wind trunks
Adjusting the pipes
Detail of the stop mechanic.
Pedal mechanic
The keyboards and mechanic on the left, windchest inside the case on the right
Italan style rollerboard
Pedal valves
Making the purses
Making the windchest
Pedal windchests
Making of the the pedal mechanic.
Rodolphe Chevalier assembles the grid of the manual windchest
One of both bellows
Detail of the case.
Detail of the molding.
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