Choir organ of the former cathedrale in Sarlat


Dispostion I/P 8 stops
  I Great (54 n.)      
  Montre 4'      
  Bourdon 8'      
  Flûte 4'      
  Nazard 2 2/3' Bass & Treble    
  Doublette 2' Bass & Treble    
  Tierce 1 3/5' Bass & Treble    
  Plein jeu II-IIIrgs      
  Cromorne 8' Bass & Treble    
  Pedal (30n) permanent coupler    

A 440 Hz at 15°C


The construction of the choir organ followed the restauration of the main organ and it has been build using some elements of the old one.

We used one manual of the unrestored main organ as well as pipes fro the choir organ as the treble of the montre 4',bourdon 8', nazard and doublette 2'. The cromorne is an original from Lépine, the same organbuilder who made the main instrument.

Design: Laurent Anen
Harmonie: Bertrand Cattiaux and Itaru Sekiguchi