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Bertrand Cattiauxst gilleschamade
bertrand cattiaux facteur d'orgues

Gustav Leonhardt

A late seventeenth-century style made at the beginning of the twenty-first century…
The musical success of an organ is founded partly on the unity of its conception but also on the aural perception of the builder whetehr ancient or modern. It is always a peasurable experience to play an instrument made by Bertrand Cattiaux, either in the French style or in the German tradition, as in the case of the organ at Amilly, which is not only a « wondrous machine », but also a really musical instrument.



Chair and Professor of Organ:
Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin. OH,USA
Distinguished Artist in Residence:
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA,USA
Organist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston, MA, USA

I have had the great pleasure to see and perform on a great number of Bertrand Cattiaux's organs and each one of them was a great work of art. His attention to very detail is extraordinary. His understanding of sensitive mechanical action is second to none and his voicing is always musical and solidly founded in histocical inspirations from the Renaissance through the early 20th century. Mr. Cattiaux's workmanship, both inside and out, is of the highest quality. He has the unique abiliry to make a great synthesis of diverse schools and periods of organ building, leading to an outstanding approach to the universal problem of the electric organ. What makes his work stand out particularly for me is the connection between his instruments and the vast palette of organ repertoire. His approach to voicing is so musical that a stop, for example, voiced in a baroque style can serve romantic music perfectly well.


Palaiseau, 8th of March 2008
André Isoir

I have great admiration for the talent of Bertrand CATTIAUX whom I consider one of the best organ builders of his time.

As I've known him since the beginning of his carreer, I can attest to his continual evolution which has led him to work on such instruments as the organ of the CathÈdrale de Sarlat, in Perigord, or the organ of Bolbec, in Normandy.

When listening to these instruments, one understands M. CATTIAUX's exceptional mastery of the French style.

A great artist!



Francis Chapelet
Organist of Saint-Séverin de Paris

I have known Betrand Cattiaux since his beginning as an organ buider.
I was able to appreciate his great talent when playing on the historical organs of Sarlat, Cintegabelle andEtampes which he has wonderfully restored.

The organs of the cathedrals at Lunéville and Saint-Rémi de Reims confirm that Bertrand Cattiaux is a major artist.


Toulouse, 18th of March 2008
Michel Bouvard
Organiste de Saint-Sernin de Toulouse

I have known Bertrand Cattiaux for almost thirty years and have followed his extraordinary evolution as an organ builder. From the time he worked with Jean-Loup Boisseau until today, he has become the undisputed Master.

In the 1980s, when Bertrand Cattiaux was in close contact with the famous Clicquot of Poitiers, he already was filled with a passion for the French classical organ, its luminous, balanced harmony and appropriate mechanics. His classical training and his passionate contact with ancient organs have established an invaluable base for the continuance of his art.

So many brilliant creations, so many scrupulous restorations in varied styles, from the Renaissance to the 18th century, all involving research and devoted discipline, and more personal constructions in which the organ tuner's feelings can fully express themselves!


Olivier LATRY
Paris, 4th of November 2004

I consider Bertrand CATTIAUX one of the best French organ builders of his time. He has a remarkably good ear and his qualities as an organ tuner are acknowledged by most organists and fellow organ builders.

Thanks to his multiplicity of talent, he has not shut himself up in a single aesthetic. One easily can be convinced of that by looking at the list of works t his enterprise has achieved and, above all, by hearing the sound of his instruments.

I had the opportunity to play on many of them and was always enchanted by the refinement of their tone. And what is to say about the organ of Notre-Dame de Paris he restored in 1992? Each time I play there, I am surprised by its qualities.

I must point out the double aspect of Bertrand CATTIAUX as a restorer and designer, a rare occurence among organ builders. He understands that restoring ancient organs could help him to make the art of his predecessors his own; that ís how he acquired such a great culture and how his own instruments continue an age-old tradition. When building new organs, he knows how to associate the heritage of the past with a constant research in varied fields, as in general design, case design, mechanics flexibility, even electronic contribution for harmonics.


Philippe Lefebvre
Titular organist of Notre-Dame de Paris

A master of sound dedicated to music and organists, a real artist, respectful of the material and mechanism of the organ, an open mind in continual search, a scrupulous and reliable partner, a wise manager.

Bertrand CATTIAUX is without a doubt one of the greatest organ builders in the world whose talent, combined with his personal experience, have allowed him to reach a very high rank.

For more than thirty years, I have played all the instruments he has restored or constructed. Each one is a new discovery, giving to the organist a rare emotion and the real liberty of playing and expression.

His knowledge of the techniques, his mastery of organ building, his musical culture are the guarantee of an accomplished work. By himself he is a whole polyphony of organ building given that he restored and constructed organs of all styles, dating from the 16th to the 21st century. This is unique — I have never met any other organ builder able to reach such a level of perfection in such a wide field.

Following the example of the most famous organ builders, as Clicquot, Schnitger, Silbermann or Cavaillé-Coll, his skills have no limit because

Jean-Loup Boisseau

Bertrand Cattiaux, whom I've known for about forty years, could have been an excellent organist – he had the talent for it but he prefered to dedicate himself to organ building and learn this trade by becoming my partner.

We worked together on a great number of prestigious sites (Notre-Dame de Paris, Houdan, Levroux, Poitiers, Toulouse and so many others). That ís what allowed him to prove his skill.

Having followed his work with great interest since he gained his independence, I can say that, in terms of historical organ restoration as well as modern organ building, his sense of aesthetics, human relations, organization, and his passion for properly executed work make him one of the most outstanding organ builders of his generation.


Daniel Roth
Paris, 14th of March 2008

I highly recommend M. Bertrand Cattiaux the organ builder, especially in the field of voicing ; I still have wonderful memories of his work at Lunéville, at the Chapelle du Château de Versailles and on Herr Ricken’s private organ in Düsseldorf, among others.

François-Henri Houbart
Organist of La Madeleine, Paris

11 March 2008

Not content with having perfectly mastered the technique of ancient French organ building, Bertrand CATTIAUX opened his mind to the different aesthetics and became an all-round craftsman and artist.

His knowledge and professionalism have made him a figure of the French organ building world that cannot be ignored.

Trained by Boisseau, immersed in a great organ culture, encouraged by the most famous soloists (from Pierre Cochereau to Jean Boyer) Mr. Cattiaux has succeeded in making a name for himself which is now the synonym of perfection.

Marie-Claire Alain
Le Pecq, 10th of March 2008

Iundersigned Marie-Claire Alain, concert organis, member of the organ comission of the historic monuments (ministery of culture, Paris) certify to know the work of Mr. Bertrand Cattiaux since a long. I always appreciated the quality of his work , based on a high knowledge of french classic organs like those discribed in the book of Dom Bedos de Celles. His mecanics offer a high reliability and the hole music instrument is of a very high level. The organs he is building are an excellent testimony of the french organbuilding and the sound versatility they offer to the musician.

He also understands the winding of an organ perfectly and the need for an organ to breathe and yet always have ample breath. Bertrand Cattiaux is equally at home in the realm of restoration and reconstruction as well as in the creation of new instruments. One of the most extraordinary organs I have ever played is Mr. Cattiaux's restoration of the four-manual historic Lessellier organ built in 1630 in Bolbec (Normandy); his admirable restoration work there truly places him among the great organ builders of the world. His impressive instruments in Amilly (2009) and Courbevoie (2010), France, are two superb examples of his most recent work. Mr. Cattiaux is, of course, internationally renowned for his work at Notre Dame/Paris, the Chateau de Versailles, St. Rémi/Reims, Poitiers, Houdan, Sarlat, St. Sernin/ Toulouse, etc.

I recommend the excellent work of Bertrand Cattiaux without reservation. I consider him one of the finest organ builders in the world and he is a man of great integrity and total honesty - he can be trusted implicitly.

If anyone ever has any questions or need additional information about the work of Bertrand Cattiaux, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail:

Boston, 21 March 2012


Bertrand CATTIAUX has lived in close contact with the great Cavaille-Coll organs he has contributed to restore, such as the organ of Notre-Dame de Paris and the organ of Saint-Sernin de Toulouse. His friendship with other great foreign organ-builders has expanded his sound palette as well as his designer's expertise, leading to such original contructions as the organ of Saint-Rémi de Reims, perfectly installed in the famous basilica.

Bertrand Cattiaux is without a doubt one of the masters organ builders; his high quality work, human qualities and unfailing friendship have been most important for my reflection as a performer. He ís not only one of the greatest restorers of his time, but also one of the greatest designers, able to produce the most beautiful creations thanks to his culture, his experience and his aesthetic.

Asking Bertrand CATTIAUX to build an organ is the guarantee of a very high quality result; and, for the organist who will be lucky to play this organ, the guarantee of carrying musical art to its highest level.


they are based on many years of experience and research, as well as his collaboration with organists, architects, visual artists and also with other talented organ builders. Bertrand CATTIAUX is an organ builder of his time who uses all competencies and contemporary technologies to serve the organ builder’s art and the organist’s art.

This is how he is able to build a classical French, German or Spanish organ as well as a symphonic organ or a big concert organ. In any case, the unique creation is a real work of art, designed and harmonized for its own architectural and acoustic environment, allowing organists, choirmasters and conductors to serve music and pass onto the audience this deep emotion and enthusiasm of an extraordinay musical sincerity.


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