In Progress:

Main organ for the Church of Cossonnay in Switzerland
is in progress

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The Voicing is in progress
Inaugural concerts 11 & 12 may

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Year 2017

March The construction, of the organ in "Le Pouliguen" is covered by a film team
  in order to make a documentary about the "Master of Art" and the
  transmission of knowledge
January Bertrand Cattiaux gives a conference about the organ of Notre-Dame in

Year 2016

8 October We organize an open-door day to show the organ of Pouliguen
Octobre Serge Taurisson gets retired, a new life begins
Août Thibaut Lenfant leaves the workshop and will work in the USA
July Bertrand Cattiaux is at the ISO congress in London
July 1 Inauguration of the Organ in Belves by Olivier Latry
June Bertrand Cattiaux is at the AGO in Houston
Avril Contract is signed for the organ of Beurnevesin
March Christophe Tricoire leaves the workshop, we wish him all the best


Year 2015

Bertrand Cattiaux received the title of " Master of Art ".
  His pupil Virgile Bardin will be learned the art of french voicing during 3 years.
Bertrand Cattiaux is revoicing the organ at the Artic-cathedral at
  Tromsö in the north of Norway.
Cleaning and tuning of the 1734 Louis Alexandre Clicquot organ in
Cleaning and tuning of the 1789 François-Henry Clicquot great organ
of the cathedral of Poitiers.
Mai Chosen to build the new organ for the cathedral in Basse-Terre in
January Transfer from our workshop of the new build organ for St. Gilles in
  Etampes to a stock place.

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